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18/05/08: The store and RSS feed is temporarily disabled while they undergo upgrades. They'll be back up this week (or bookmark the non-functioning RSS feed and you'll know the store is back up when the RSS feed successfully updates). [more]

04/05/08: Read the second installment of Squid & Ink's guide to starting your own startup: So you've decided to do this the long way.

27/04/08: I've written the first in a series of posts in the publishers' journals about how to start your own startup. The original intention of the publishers' journals was to give our readers some insight into what goes on behind the scenes when in developing a magazine — or at least what happens when we do it. That hasn't happened so far, but we've come to a point where I can look back and see the mistakes we made so far and suggest ways to avoid them, and post regular updates because every aspect of Squid & Ink is starting to come together so there should be a lot to discuss. [Read the first installment: Prologue]

20/04/08: As a thank you for the patience our subscribers have demonstrated, we will double the subscriptions of everyone who's subscribed so far — so 1 year subscriptions will last 2 years, and those who purchased the premiere issue will receive the 2nd issue free. I recognize that double some nebulous future product might not appeal to everyone, so we'll also refund subscriptions for anyone who wishes one. [more]

10/09/07: The first Squid & Ink web comic is up — a review of Evil Dead: The Musical. Click the thumbnail for the full size version. You'll find the fully inked and coloured version in the magazine.
05/09/07: FanExpo 2007 photo blog and video are up.

25/08/07: This weekend we're attending FanExpo trolling for potential contributors and advertiseres. If you've found yourself here because a Squid & Ink editor handed you a flyer, visit the contact page and get in touch with us. We've updated the submission guidelines and advertising info.

Our primary goal, however, is to give Adam West the Mayor Adam West squid we sewed for him. He's at FanExpo this year and we'll camp out in line all day to meet him if we have to. We hope he likes his squid.

26/01/07: Refer a friend to subscribe and both you and your friend will receive art prints. All your friend needs to do is write your name in the comments box (on the first page of the checkout process). [more]

29/11/06: You can now pre-order the first issue and a 1 year subscription of Squid & Ink, due to be published early 2008. The first issue contains comics from over 25 authors, as well as articles and features, all in full colour on glossy paper.

You can see three pages from the first issue in the publishers' journal.

Those who subscribe will also get access to PDF versions of back issues, so even if you lose the print issue, you'll be able to download a digital copy from the website.

As an added incentive, the first 1000 people to pre-order a 1 year subscription will also receive Squid & Ink merchandise, while supplies last. That means the first 5 subscribers will received stuffed squid — hand-made by the Squid & Ink editors. The first 10 subscribers will receive squid t-shirts. The first 50 subscribers will receive 11 x 16" posters of the issue 1 cover. The first 100 will receive copies of the first issue signed by the Squid & Ink editors. The first 200 will receive postcards from Duncan the squid. And the first 1000 subscribers will receive stickers. So if you're one of the first 5 subscribers, you'll get everything.

We also have merchandise for sale, starting with a stuffed Duncan squid, and we will be adding more.

Check this space and the publishers' journal regularly for future announcements.

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